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Mind Over Matter Affirmations

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TL;DR Mind Over Matter ensures that you consistently perform affirmations by prompting you to enter statements throughout the day.

We believe that affirmations should be a simple part of our daily routines, like brushing our teeth. Mind Over Matter is a simple, quick, and effective way to add affirmations to your routine. Affirmations have completely changed our lives, and we believe they will change yours too. So what are you waiting for?

What are affirmations?

Imagine something in yourself that you want to improve, such as your self-confidence. If you do not feel confident on the inside, then you will not act confidently. Likewise, if you do not act confidently, then you will not feel confident on the inside.

Affirmations are a powerful way to break this Catch-22. They are positive and specific statements that you repeat to yourself in order to change the way you feel, causing a change in the way you act.

To become more self-confident, an effective affirmation would be “I am confident in social situations.” By practicing daily, you slowly rewire your subconscious to embody your affirmations.

How does Mind Over Matter work?

Mind Over Matter (MOM) ensures that you consistently perform affirmations by reminding you to type them out. At a preset interval, MOM notifies you to enter one of your randomly-selected affirmations. Once it is entered, the countdown begins again, and MOM will notify you next time. Simple, quick, and effective.