Mind Over Matter Affirmations App Reviews

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Great app for helping the mind

Luv this app helps focus on thoughts u want to think about

Love it!!!

Daily affirmations lead to a happier life :)

Self love is essential

I never really believed in affirmations or their power until I started using this. It seems silly but constantly repeating good things to yourself does turn them into actual thoughts and actions. Highly recommend this app!

Fantastic, Time-tested App

I've had this app since it's release in March, and in the 5 or so months I've had it my affirmations have worked tremendously. I'm a musician, and I wanted to be more committed to my music, so I shaped my affirmations around that. The major difference isn't in my skill level--this app obviously didn't teach me how to play instruments or sing. I already knew how to do those things! However, this app did give me confidence in myself though self-belief affirmations and motivation to achieve through goal-oriented affirmations. I aimed these two affirmation subsets toward becoming a more serious musician and it's been so incredible in retrospect. I'm now in 3 bands (was in zero in March) and have been writing, performing and recording all the time. I highly recommend this to absolutely anyone looking to improve themselves.

Simple and Seamless

One of my favorite apps. Keeps me focused and positive. Unobtrusive design doesn't clutter my phone. Low cost (time to input affirmation) with a potential for high benefit.

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